Fighting Allergies ‘Naturally’

It’s spring – major allergy season. And many allergy sufferers may be contemplating their medicine cabinets of antihistamines and anti-inflammatories and wondering if vitamin C and bee pollen really do work. Ever since the 1960s, complementary and alternative remedies have grown increasingly popular for treating a variety of maladies — allergies and asthma included. However,

Treating Head Lice

Pediculus capitus or head lice often become a parenting nightmare when they are discovered in a school-aged child. Old wives tales associating head lice infestation with poor hygiene or lack of household cleanliness add an unnecessary social stigma to the disorder. In truth, head lice are parasitic insects that spread readily from one human to

Allergy Treatment

Control versus cure There is no real “cure” for allergies after diagnosis; so control is the next line of defense. Avoidance is certainly the first step, but this is not always possible. While one can avoid taking a specific medication, how do we avoid pollen or dust, and yet still live a normal life? Treatment,

House Dust Nothing to Sneeze At

For millions of Americans, the world is a sneezy, wheezy place, filled with normally harmless substances that their bodies recognize as enemies. Of all the enemies, one is virtually inescapable: house dust. “The predominant allergen is definitely house dust, there’s no question about it,” says Dr. Robert Overholt, an allergist in Knoxville, Tenn. About 58.7

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

As many as 333 million people a year walk away from lovemaking with more than they bargained for. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), representing more than 85 percent of all infectious diseases in the United States today, affect men and women of all backgrounds. Nearly as ageless as lovemaking itself, STDs are on the rise. Young

If I Knew Then What I Know Now….

Did you ever think about the phrase if I knew then what I know now?…..When I think about it I often think I  would have definitely done things different.  I know many say they really don’t think this way…but I do..every now and then I get into my own head…and I contemplate a variety of

How to stand tall in life and love

Yesterday, I noticed that I tend to crouch in pictures. Usually it’s pictures where I’m standing next to someone who’s shorter than me. I noticed it when I was perusing some group shots from my stand-up comedy debut at Comix in NYC. Growing up, I was always one of the taller kids in the class

I am sick of ‘misfits’

No, I’m not being mean.  Unless, of course, you’re providing misleading, inaccurate, or misguided fitness information to the masses.  Get it?  Misfits.  Ha. Except its not funny.  There are way too many individuals who proclaim the ‘secret’ to losing weight, the ‘new’ breakthrough in fitness, the ‘thing my mom’s cousin’s girlfriend SWORE made her lose

How to Rid Yourself of Cellulite — Really!

Cottage cheese. Orange peel. Whatever you call the dimpled skin that shows up on the thighs, buttocks, stomach, and upper arms, it affects up to 90 percent of women. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a size 0 or size 20: Although weight gain is often blamed for unwanted lumps and bumps, cellulite is caused

I know what to do, so why don’t I do it?

Have you ever felt like a lazy bum or guilty because you know what to do, but you just don’t do it? Even when you know it is good for you? I recently engaged a Nutrition Coach, Sue Kay, of Starcowellness. She understands my goals; wear pants that don’t require elastic waist bands and put